How to Find the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair Type

When it comes to finding the best brush for your hair type, it’s best to first know that not all hairbrushes are created equal. In fact, in the dissimilar world of beauty tools, there are almost just as many different types of hairbrushes as there are makeup brushes out there.

How to Find the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair Type-dishygroup

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You wouldn’t use the same tool to apply your foundation, eye shadow, and mascara, and the same applies to your hair. It is ideal to find a plastic hairbrush supplier in China, or wherever you live, that provides a wide range of hairbrushes to fulfill the different demands of people. For different requirements, come diverse brush types. To help get your best hair, however, it’s time to comprehend if the brush you are reaching for is intended for your hair type or not. Here is a quick guide to help you pick the right hairbrush or comb for you.

Choosing the Right Bristle

The type of bristle is one of the most important factors in determining whether a brush will help nurture your hair or just lead to damaged hair. Generally, hairbrushes use either natural or synthetic bristles or a combination of both.

Bristle Types: Natural or Synthetic

Nowadays, natural boar bristles are all the rage, and also with good purpose. They are super gentle making them the best hairbrush to prevent breakage, specifically if you have fine hair. These bristles also help to boost your hair’s shine, because they help distribute oils from your hair roots to end, naturally conditioning your locks.

Brushes with nylon bristles provide more detangling action while stimulating your scalp. If your hair tends to get stubborn knot then a nylon style with wide-spaced bristles is the way to go and subsequently often proves the best hairbrush for thick hair.

How to Find the Right Brush or Comb for Your Hair Type-dishygroup

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Bristles Spacing

Hairbrushes with wide-spaced bristles are best for curly hair because they detangle gently without breaking up the curls. The detangling brush has the bristles that are specially designed to glide through even thick curls with ease and without breakage. They are also great for applying and distributing a leave-in conditioner that will keep your curls conditioned all day long.

Achieving a Smooth Finish with Classic Paddle Brushes

If you want to reduce static and frizz, especially during winter, then turn to paddle brushes. Those with long and straight hair will especially help from their smoothing features and mashing effects of its cushioned pad.

Using the right hairbrush for your hair type is essential for maintaining a healthy mane. You can find a plastic hairbrush manufacturer in China, or elsewhere, to get the right brush for your hair, because it helps to keep your hair healthy and also prevent them from breakage and damage.