Detangler Hair Brush

No Pain Detangler Brush – Complete Care for Your Curly, Thick, Wet, Kinky Hair
A detangler hair brush is what its name denotes – helps you comb your hair thoroughly without locking into tangles. Featuring a patented teeth formation which works by flexing and blending throughout the hair, this type of brush is effective to minimise hair and cuticle damage. It is designed to remove knots and tangles as it is used to comb through dry or wet hair.
Trendy and Quality Range of Detangligh Brush
Whatever type of use you want, whatever hair texture you have from thick, curly to fine, wet, kinky, 4c hair, waves and so, we have the right detangler that will suit your requirements in the best way.
As a leading detangler hair brush manufacturer in China, we incorporate procurement of finest raw materials, state-pf-the-art manufacturing and design & development process, and thorough research that leads to development of best quality dry and wet detangler brush, designed to meet every customer’s requirement.
Stylish in Design – Ergonomic in Function
We have got plenty of beautiful designs, styles and bring a wide range of patterns and shimmery effects into our cool, feature-rich detangler brush range that provides you with fabulous and healthier hair.
All of our detangler brushes are ergonomically deisgned to fit in your palm conveniently for easy handling and to enhance your styling methods. Great for use on all hair types, these can be used whether you prefer brushing through conditioning while in shower or on dry hair. As your one-stop detangler hair brush supplier, we will fulfil your entire requirements pertaining to quality durability, style, convenience and cost-effectiveness.
Detangling brush in wholesale for retailers and individuals – Surf on over and take a look at our collection!